Primary domain name change (.ai πŸ‘‰.com)

Last night we switched over to the new primary domain name,

At the time, .ai was chosen because .com was not available and the .ai domain extension has been used somewhat synonymously with conversation bot startups, especially those that make use of Machine Learning technology.

.com however performs much better with Search Engines and I was lucky enough to get a good deal on acquiring the domain name from the previous owner :raised_hands:

If you’re using the Mindkit javascript widget, it is advised that you change the .ai TLD to .com in the mk.js URL. However the original domain name and URLs will still work as it will simply redirect to the new one.

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Just saw your tweet about it. Do I need to update the mk.js host URL now or will it stay active where it is?

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It will remain active. If this ever changes however, we’ll give you plenty of notice time to change the URL beforehand :+1: