What is Mindkit?

Mindkit is a Chatbot User Interface (by Circle) that offers bot makers an out-of-the-box, consumer friendly, front-end solution for Dialogflow powered chatbots.

What is Dialogflow?

Dialogflow is a Conversational AI Engine (by Google) that allows bot makers to configure and manage a chatbot’s user input with bot replies.

Where do I configure my bot user interface?

This is done via your Mindkit bot project dashboard at

Where do I configure user input and bot replies?

This is currently done via your Dialogflow agent dashboard at

Does Dialogflow have a consumer friendly, front-end solution?

No :pensive:

Does Mindkit have a Conversational AI Engine?

V-soon :astonished:

Where can I read Mindkit’s Terms of Use?

:point_right: Here

Where can I read Mindkit’s Privacy Policy?

:point_right: Also here

How do I get in touch?


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