Integrated NLP engine coming to Mindkit

We’ve been hard at work developing an integrated NLP engine so that you have more choice when it comes to connecting to third-party services.

Stay tuned for more info!


Perfect that’s exactly what I came here to ask!


Indeed it is and can’t wait to make it available in Mindkit next month!

(I messaged this in another thread reply but welcome to the forum Danni!)


Hi. Came here to ask about the nlp. Any ETA for that?


September will be the month :v:

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is the chatbot nlp available now? thanks

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Hi Jason, how do I access the NLP?

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Hey James,

Login to your account, click projects, select project, click NLP from the top navigation bar then be sure to select Mindkit NLP. It is in beta however and has rolled out to certain territories before others so if you don’t see the NLP option, check again in a few days time.

Hey all,

So all that expressed interest here for the new MK NLP feature should have received an email with a code to access the new feature before we roll it out publicly.

Let me know if you have any issues or didn’t receive your code and I’ll sort :v:


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congratulations on launching the nlp! it’s great Jason