How do I sync Mindkit with Dialogflow?

How do I sync Mindkit with Dialogflow?

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Welcome to the forum tamm,

From your Mindkit Dashboard, go to Bot Projects, select your bot project, then tap the Connection tab to open the Connection Keys area.

Here you’ll see two input fields labelled ‘API KEYS’ underneath the heading ‘DIALOGFLOW API CREDENTIALS’.

The two fields are:

1, API KEYS: Client Access Token
2, API KEYS: Developer Access Token

Both API keys can be found in your Dialogflow ‘Agent’s Settings’, under the ‘General’ tab.

Additionally you can set a hidden wake-word. This is sent automatically and awakens your bot upon the user being present. It is not displayed in the bot UI.

The hidden ‘wake word’ that you set here will also need to be added to your Dialogflow Agent’s ‘Welcome Intent’, ‘Training Phrase’.

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Is this dialogflow v1 or v2 api?

Behind the scenes, Mindkit connects to Dialogflow via the V1 API but we have a V2 implementation being deployed soon.