Chatbot voice design / interactions

Will mindkit have support for developing chatbot voice design and interactions on platforms like Alexa and Google?


Hi Rr90,

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Yes, voice UX design tools for Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are on the planned roadmap :+1:

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Hey, will mk support native android?

Yes, it does already support native Android :+1:

Hi Jason, is there any opportunity to do some kind of integration with Siri? I don’t know if that’s even possible.

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Hi edd1, How would that work? I don’t think Siri supports Skills in the same way as Alexa does.

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I’m looking into possible ways this can happen in the future but I don’t think that it’s possible just yet as Siri doesn’t have the same developer ecosystem as say Alexa does with Alexa Skills.

Custom Siri interactions are currently created through Siri Shortcuts and Mindkit wouldn’t lend anything of value to the experience right now.